VOMO is a new Volunteer Management tool that Herndon UMC is using in the coming year.  It is an online tool with an app, like Sign Up Genius; but VOMO will place all of Herndon UMC's sign ups--all of the ways that you can lend a helping hand--at one easy to use link.  It was created by pastors with churches in mind.  It offers tracking for the ways that you have volunteered, which is really useful for our youth that need to record and turn in service hours for school, honor societies, etc.  It also offers rewards in the form of charitable donations (like back to Herndon UMC) or gift cards.  Add an extra reward by using gift cards together with your co-volunteers to see a movie, have a meal, or get some coffee.

Another inviting part is that it allows our community partners to create sign ups open to all and to share them there. 

Learn more about VOMO:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why don't my recent hours show up on my resume?  Double check the dates that you are searching across.  It may be a small icon at the top of the page.
  • Why can't I find the sign-up or roll that I am looking for on my phone?  VOMO knows that the app has issues and they will be issuing an update soon that will use the same language as on the webpage.  If a particular project has a number of time periods on the same date, you can always use www.vomo.org/org/herndon-umc, even from your phone.
  • How do I claim rewards?  The link to claim rewards is https://vomo.org/rewards. You can learn more at https://support.vomo.org/how-can-i-redeem-vomo-rewards

There are a lot of sign ups posted already for the Nursery, KIDS Club, ushers, greeters, liturgists (readers), acolytes, etc.  You don't have to be comfortable online to sign up for something.  If online is not your thing, ask the event organizer to place you in a particular role.