Where to Find Info

In addition to here on the website, Herndon UMC tries to communicate through multiple media and platforms to help keep everyone up to date on what is going on.  You can find the latest information in weekly emails, announcements in the worship bulletins, Facebook posts, monthly newsletters (sent electronically), as well as on the electronic bulletin boards and the connection corners in the church building.  Calendar information is available here on the website, in the worship bulletins and posted around the church.

The square kiosk near the Fellowship Hall also has some community information.

On Facebook there is a Herndon UMC page and a number of both open and closed Herndon UMC groups.  The groups include Herndon UMC Community (which allows outside events to be shared with our church family), Missions, Youth, KIDS, United Methodist Women, etc. 

Welcome!  We hope you will spend time with us in worship, in fellowship, playing music or basketball, or in a study or small group.  However you spend time with us, we hope it is an experience that engages your heart, mind, soul, and imagination.  You can learn more about the opportunities here on the website or by asking around at Herndon UMC.  Before and after worship services are great times to ask questions.  If members don't know the answers, they probably can introduce you to someone who will.

Herndon UMC has a wonderful building that provides an inviting place for people to gather. You will see people from throughout the community (who may be alumni from HUMC Preschool) coming through our doors again and again for Vacation Bible School, UPWARD Basketball, musical concerts and GIFT Dinners. We seek to strengthen our relationships with God, with our community, and with each other.  We welcome everyone, and hope that you find a sense of belonging here.

Herndon UMC also has a long legacy of involvement in our community. You will meet members of our church family in the schools, serving as Scout leaders, coaching local sports, and on the bike trails. You will find them volunteering at The Closet and with LINK, and rebuilding homes through our Ezra Project. You will also find our members reaching out and making connections abroad in places like North Carolina, Haiti, and Costa Rica. There are so many opportunities, we hope that you find a connection that helps you find a deepening sense of meaning, purpose, and identity.

We know that your time is precious, and you have a lot of choices in how to spend your time. We are here to support one another and you. We are committed to offering groups and lessons to coach and equip for modern day-to-day life. 

If you would like to make Herndon UMC your church home, please talk with the pastor.  He can make arrangements to receive you into full membership by profession of faith or by membership transfer.  If you would like to retain membership in your home church, he can arrange to receive you as a Associate or Affiliate member.

We are so glad you are here! 

Have you ever wished that Herndon UMC had a t-shirt to wear when we were out in the community together or working on a big project together? 

In preparation for the upcoming tailgate for our Fall kickoff and Herndon HS's first home football game, we have ordered 100 shirts of various sizes.  They are for sale for just $10 per shirt.  The shirts are in and you can pick up one just in time for the tailgate.

If you really want a size or style that we don't have, complete the form linked here and we will order them when we have enough to place the order.



Autumn has arrived!  It is a time honored tradition at Herndon UMC for the United Methodist Men (UMM) to work together and make some delicious Brunswick Stew.  This stew is the real deal, cooked in a big pot over an open flame with fresh ingredients and hours of preparation and cooking.  Return customers mark their calendars for the opportunity to purchase this stew.  It is packaged and sold by the quart and the great news is it freezes well so you can enjoy some now but save some to enjoy this winter. You may order stew ahead of time (see Presale below). This year’s preparation and sale date coincides with our Trunk or Treat event on October 27, and pickup will be available between 1 and 4pm.

This annual event is a major fundraiser for the Herndon UMM and the many ways they support the missions and ministries of Herndon UMC. The UMM couldn't do this without the support of the congregation.  By donating ingredients, you may help ensure another successful fundraiser this year. 

2018 Brunswick Stew Presale

Don't miss out on getting Brunswick Stew!  You may place an order by the end of the day on October 25.  The Presale price is $8 per quart.  Payment is due at time of pick up.  (The walk-in price on October 27 is $10 per quart so order early!)  Pick up on October 27 will take place from 1:00pm until 4:00pm in the HUMC Kitchen.  Cash or Check will be accepted.  We always sell out so order early and often.  Remember, Brunswick Stew freezes well so stock up for Winter! Orders can be held for a brief time is you are not available to pick up on October 27. Include those instructions when you pre-order.

Order now.

Support UMM Missions -- Donate Ingredients

UMM needs your support in preparing our annual Brunswick Stew on October 27.  Please help us by donating the ingredients (chickens, carrots, potatoes, etc.).   All ingredients need to be received in the Church kitchen by 5:00pm, Friday, October 26.  There are several options of furnishing the cooked chickens.  You may buy pre-cooked whole chickens, pulled/cut up, placed in Ziplock bags, and then frozen.  Alternatively, chicken breasts can be purchased, boiled/broiled, cut up, placed in Ziplock bags, and then frozen.  Chicken Broth is also needed either from the cooked chickens or by purchasing cartons.  

Please sign-up to donate.  Your support is appreciated.