Stay in touch with the real meaning of Christmas. Take this challenge to feed others and to feed your soul.

Feed others. Build a reverse Advent calendar. Each day, place the item suggested below in a grocery bag. Say a prayer for those who are food challenged in our community. On Christmas Eve, bring your bags of food to Herndon UMC (or anytime the church building is open thereafter). These foods will be used to replenish the LINK food pantries after the holiday season for January and February.

Day Food Item
December 1 Can of green beans
December 2 Can of chicken
December 3 Can of pears
December 4 Jar of applesauce
December 5 Jar of pasta sauce
December 6 1 lb of rice
December 7 Can of greens
December 8 Toilet paper
December 9 1 lb of pasta
December 10 Can of pineapple
December 11 Can of mandarin oranges
December 12 Can of chicken
December 13 Box of rice cereal
December 14 Jar of fruit juice
December 15 Box of corn cereal
December 16 Jar of peanut butter
December 17 Canned tomatoes
December 18 Package of dried fruit
December 19 Can of soup
December 20 A warm cereal (e.g. oatmeal)
December 21 Bag of beans
December 22 Tissues
December 23 1 lb of pasta
December 24 Bread mix

Feed your soul. During Advent, journey together through the Gospel of Luke just one chapter a day. Look for daily reminders on the church Facebook page and the YouVersion Bible App.  The Bible App link for the shared plan is  The Bible App plan further challenges you to read and reread the Scripture through the practice of lectio divina.  You will be asked to Enter, Impress, Pray and Live based upon the scripture.  Bookmark guides will also be available from the church connection corners.  

On Sundays and Christmas Eve, don’t forget to light your family Advent wreath as you read and pray.