T.G.F.T. has provided free tutoring for students since 2002, and because of our reputation and success HHS teachers recommend and refer their students to our program. We meet Wednesday nights, from 7 - 8 pm, when school is in session, and have the most recent high school textbooks at our disposal. There are no sign-ups required; our tutors are not only skilled but also flexible enough to recognize that student schedules fluctuate from week to week. The joy of making a difference is enough of a draw to keep them returning. We typically have between four and six tutors on Wednesday nights, all of whom are fully vetted through background checks.

While HUMC provides the physical space and many of the tutors are members of the church, we encourage those from other Herndon churches to join us in the ministry of helping students who are struggling academically—especially, in areas of math and physics. In fact, two of our longest-serving tutors come from other churches in the area!

Students seeking help are often unable to afford private tutoring and find our relaxed approach welcoming and conducive to mastering the concepts they failed to grasp in the classroom setting. We are proud of TGFT and feel the following quotes attest to the positive experience of all involved:

“I raised my grade a whole grade level!” ~ a returning student

“I passed my class but flunked the SOL; you helped me pass the SOL.” ~a student who subsequently entered the Navy and went into radar imaging

“This is the BEST thing you do for the HHS-HUMC partnership!” ~ an HHS guidance counselor

“I'm grateful to HUMC for supporting this effort. I get a lot out of it.” ~ one of the tutors (in his tenth year of working with TGFT)

Those seeking help and/or who feel they may have the gifts for/interest in this ministry should contact the church office.