Adult Instersections



On our spiritual journey, we simply grow better together! 

HUMC offers many ways for adults to connect with others in studies and in fellowship.  You can find studies or common interest groups that meet on different days of the week and on different topics of interest.  There is something for all age groups, stages of life, and different schedules.  Learn more by exploring here.

There are many groups, times, and topics available.  Studies could be in depth on a section of the Bible or a discussion of a book, video, or other topic.  Current and future classes and topics will be posted here.  Learn more here about studies offered Sunday mornings between the Sunday worship services (10:10-11 am).  Learn more here about studies offered throughout the week at various times.  Join in anytime!  

There are Men's and Women's retreats, and Ladies Nights Out.  There are many opportunities for fellowship with the HUMC family.  We hope you will join us.  Check here or under Featured News (at the right, or bottom if you are mobile) to learn more about upcoming events.


Pastor Jonathan will lead this class on Wednesday nights at around 7 pm after the GIFT Dinner in the Fellowship Hall. The study begins September 12, but feel free to join in at any time.

This new offering is aimed at everyone and anyone interested in exploring the Book of Acts with Pastor Jonathan. Each week, he will take about 30 minutes to dive into the text, 20 minutes for small group discussion, and then 10 minutes for large group Q&A. It's a great opportunity no matter how much or little you know about the Bible.