Why are we doing a capital campaign?

This is a vital initiative to help us preserve, strengthen, and grow Herndon UMC.  Today many of our efforts are hampered by the fact that more than $180,000 a year, almost 20% of our budget, goes toward paying for our 2006 church expansion. While that expansion has increased the vitality of our church, debt payments limit our ability to grow. During the capital campaign, $2 out of every $3 raised will go towards reducing the debt—with the third dollar out of every three going toward making our church home safe and secure. Some of the repairs needed include the parking lot, roof and building fascia repairs, and lighting. By reducing our debt and completing these repairs, we will be able to shift our financial focus to faith-based services for both current and future members of our church family.  

Is this instead of our Annual Stewardship Campaign?

No, the Capital Campaign is different from the Annual Stewardship Campaign.  The Capital Campaign begins in the Fall of 2016 and the pledges for this campaign will be used to help pay down the mortgage and make necessary repairs around the church.  Our Annual Stewardship Campaign—our yearly fall fundraising effort to raise money for the church operating budget—will be postponed this year to early 2017 to give the Capital Campaign the care and attention it deserves.   

How will we make our contributions to the Capital Campaign?

We are asking for members to make a “Faith Promise”. A “Faith Promise” is a gift commitment that represents a sacrificial gift to support God’s work. The total amount you pledge may be given in many ways over a three-year period. Specially marked envelopes will be provided for you to make your contributions, or you may use eGive.  

What are we being asked to do?

Because it is impossible to meet our $700,000 goal through simple cash donations or “gifts of convenience,” you are being asked to make a generous three-year “Faith Promise” to the capital campaign that is above and beyond your normal giving to the operating budget. Working from the principle of equal sacrifice—not equal gifts—our specific faith commitments will grow out of our shared spiritual values of faith and sacrifice.

When will my contributions begin?

Your contributions can begin at any time during the campaign. Some members may choose to give an upfront gift the first year; others may decide to give weekly, monthly or quarterly throughout the three year period; still others may only be able to give in years two and three.

Will other types of donations be accepted?

Yes. Church members who have access to appropriate building materials or professional services are encouraged to come forward. Please notify the office of your intentions. You also might consider remembering Herndon UMC in your will or as a life insurance beneficiary. There are many ways that you can support the campaign, especially with your prayers.

Are Faith Promise contributions tax deductible?

Yes, if you itemize charitable contributions on your tax return. 

Is the Faith Promise Card a legal document?

No, the card is not a promissory note. It is a declaration of intent made in faith. The Faith Promise cards give Herndon UMC an idea of how much can be expected and when. It is better for you to indicate the highest amount you intend to give rather than an amount that you know you will easily exceed. 

May I change my Faith Promise later in the campaign?

Of course, it is understood that circumstances may change affecting your ability to give. The future of any member is uncertain. Some may find themselves in better circumstances and be able to give more while others may face unforeseen situations that may cause them to lower their giving. 

How will I know that the money is being used as expected?

Over the next three years, Herndon UMC will be offering regular updates on the campaign through all of our communication media. Our goal is transparency on total pledges, donations received, and how funds benefit the mortgage and other projects.