Rebuilding Missions

As part of God's family, HUMC sees no boundary to service.  Members serve the neighbor around the corner (as with the Ezra Ministry) and the neighbor half-way around the globe (as in the Volunteers In Mission (VIM) and Living Waters for the World teams). The Rebuilding Missions Ministry wholeheartedly welcomes anyone who has a passion for missions of this type, who enjoys leadership, or who just wants to give of their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. Each of the teams is led by trained Methodist VIM leaders and all have access to support from the United Methodist Church.

There are fundraising activities throughout the year to support these missions. Traditionally, there are a few major fundraisers such as the Golf Tournament, Chili cook-off and the Harvest Yard Sale each year. Individual teams may also have their own fundraising activities such as GIFT dinners and the "Buy a Part-Be a Part" campaign for Living Waters for the World.

Explore here to learn more about the past, present and future of HUMC Rebuilding Missions Ministry and their upcoming activities.


Youth Led Missions generally encompasses two trips each year.  Older youth and adults have been traveling to Costa Rica for some time, building relationships (and buildings) there.  And for the last several years, the younger youth have traveled around the region in Virginia and North Carolina.  One year they helped another church run their first UPWARD Basketball camp.  In other years, they have helped with home repair and maintenance.  The missions of the HUMC youth are not limited to trips.  The HUMC youth are very active in service to the church and community, often playing a key role in worship services or church activities.  HUMC's Vacation Bible School, UPWARD Basketball league and UPWARD camp would not be able to support hundreds of kids without their awesome leadership and support.



The Herndon United Methodist Men created the EZRA Ministry to help local elderly, disabled and disadvantaged neighbors with repairs in and around their home to make their home safer, more accessible, and livable. The EZRA Program is a partnership with Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church Inc., which is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Rebuilding Together receives and screens applications, and performs the initial site assessment. The EZRA Team members, skilled and unskilled volunteers, may paint, make electrical repairs, install grab bars, repair plumbing, or make interior and exterior repairs, as needed. Each team completes two weekend projects between the months of May and October on a rotating basis.


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HUMC Rebuilding Mission Ministry’s Volunteers in Mission (VIM) believe that mission flows both ways. We are ALL givers and we are All receivers. We have much that we need and can learn from one another. In mission we are all transformed. The question is not simply “what do we have to offer to them” but what is it that God wants to teach me through this. We practice a mission of mutuality where all are equal and have gift to offer.

HUMC sends at least one mission group to a domestic location every year. Teams have gone all over the country (Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and more). The trips generally are for one week and include mucking out houses or rebuilding efforts. Participation by the whole congregation is encouraged through active participation and becoming part of the team going, or through supporting the mission with your gifts and prayers.



The vitality of the United Methodist Volunteers In Mission movement is alive and well at Herndon UMC! Lives are transformed and the congregation is renewed as by this "service with others" mission outreach. New relationships are developed with persons from other cultures, and traditional walls of division are torn away as they participate in hands-on involvement. Herndon UMC annually sends teams nationally (usually for disaster relief) and internationally. Past trips have included New Orleans and Costa Rica.

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