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On a recent lunch at the high school, I was eating with one of the Youth Group kids and a friend came up to tell us that a teacher had accused him of plagiarizing because 1 sentence in his paper matched 1 sentence on Wikipedia. He explained the sentence was just a basic sentence but that he really didn’t use it and would never use Wikipedia for research anyway. He told us that the teacher told him if he just admitted it, he wouldn’t report it and that he had the day to think about it. We talked about integrity and truth and how truth always prevails, but maybe not always in the way we would expect. We discussed honesty and character and how admitting to something that wasn’t true just to avoid punishment would effect us. At the end of the day, he met with the teacher again and stuck to his truth of not plagiarizing. The teacher believed him. I know this because he texted me to thank me for believing in him and talking through the situation. What a blessing to be able to witness a God moment right in the middle of lunch! When we expect God to show up – He always does!

-- Sheri