UPWARD LogoPlaying kids basketball with UPWARD sports is not only fun your child, but a great fit for your family! Our kids basketball programs fit into your family’s busy schedule with just a one-hour practice and one-hour game each week.  Coaches use practices and games to teach and build basketball skills while making sure the kids have fun.  Kids will also learn teamwork and build self-esteem, making for a positive sports experience.

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After working through some challenging situations, the UPWARD committee decided to create a mission/values statement, which you will find posted in various places. As much as the statement itself is important, so is the thought, prayer, and effort that went behind it. Our Upward ministry statement truly was a team effort and a reminder of how God can bring good out of tough situations. When you get a chance to read the statement, please do so. It’s a great tribute to a fabulous program that our church has loved and supported for years.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question. How many times have we heard that? Yet, how often are we afraid to ask? As most of you know, we share devotions during every Upward practice. Each week coaches take a few minutes to talk to their players about God and what it means to be in relationship with Him. We’ve been doing this since the program started. Years ago, when Jeff Sevila and I were coaching together, one of our first-grade girls asked what a Bible is. Soon afterwards we began to distribute Bibles through Upward. As a result of that simple, honest question we have given out hundreds of Bibles. What if she didn’t ask? What if she had been too ashamed or embarrassed to speak up? If that had been the case, hundreds of families would have missed out on a great opportunity to share the love of Christ in their homes, and Herndon UMC would have missed a chance to be part of God’s work in their lives. When God asks us to turn to him like children, perhaps this is what He means. Through simple, honest, child-like questions we can not only learn and grow, but also enrich the world around us. - byKathy Mallett

There’s something about snow in Northern Virginia. It makes us anxious, and it encourages us to complain about other drivers, but it also forces us to slow down—something we often don’t do on our own. This past week UPWARD was impacted just like everyone else. There were questions about whether or not the church would be open or the parking lot would be clear. There were squirrely children who needed to get out of the house and frazzled parents who would have been happy to take their children anywhere. In the midst of it all, however, there also was silence—enough silence for us to hear our own thoughts, examine what we are doing, and think about what direction we want to take.

Next year UPWARD will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe that Herndon UMC has hosted an UPWARD program for almost 10 years. During that time we have served thousands of children and their families. We have handed out hundreds of Bibles, delivered at least as many devotions, and trained far more coaches and referees. Mostly importantly, however, we have shared the love of Christ in very tangible ways. Herndon UMC has created a warm, welcoming environment where families long to be—even in the midst of a snow storm. Thank you for making that possible.

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