There’s no such thing as a dumb question. How many times have we heard that? Yet, how often are we afraid to ask? As most of you know, we share devotions during every Upward practice. Each week coaches take a few minutes to talk to their players about God and what it means to be in relationship with Him. We’ve been doing this since the program started. Years ago, when Jeff Sevila and I were coaching together, one of our first-grade girls asked what a Bible is. Soon afterwards we began to distribute Bibles through Upward. As a result of that simple, honest question we have given out hundreds of Bibles. What if she didn’t ask? What if she had been too ashamed or embarrassed to speak up? If that had been the case, hundreds of families would have missed out on a great opportunity to share the love of Christ in their homes, and Herndon UMC would have missed a chance to be part of God’s work in their lives. When God asks us to turn to him like children, perhaps this is what He means. Through simple, honest, child-like questions we can not only learn and grow, but also enrich the world around us. - byKathy Mallett

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