Over the years, if you come to church long enough, you feel as if you’ve been buried underneath a blizzard of words. Songs. Sermons. Scriptures. Workshops. Sunday School lessons. Newsletters. Bulletins. Announcements. Enough already! Certainly, much of it is helpful—and, yes, much of it is interesting and useful—but how do you know what’s important, what’s really-listen-to-this important, what’s stand-up-and-take-notice important?

We seem to be living in an increasingly stormy world—a world where the storms can be social, economic, political, and financial as well as physical. How do we weather the storms? How do we stay anchored in the midst of a raging sea? That’s what this fall’s sermon series is about. It’s not a series of sermons on The Apostle’s Creed, or a little mini-course in theology, but I’ve tried to think about the reliable truths that twenty-one centuries of Christianity have brought us. It’s a series of sermons designed to help us stayed: centered when the world starts spinning balanced when the sands shift and the floors buckle, anchored when the wind is howling and the sea is churning. The insights aren’t glittery or flashy or showy, but they’re dependable—and that’s no small thing in a world like ours.

So please, join us for this series of sermons. Together we will discover again that we don’t become Christians accidentally, inadvertently, unwittingly, or haphazardly. We become Christian—truly Christian, deeply Christian, fully Christian—intentionally. Only then can we find light in the midst of the storm.

Fall Sermon Series
September 9 to November 26

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