TUNE IN is the new sermon series for January 6 through February 11.  Each week has a theme and a playlist.

This week’s playlist focuses on America’s racial history. You will find songs from different moments in that history. Some will be upbeat and hopeful. Others may be difficult to listen to. All of them are important because of the perspective that they give us on this important dimension of American life.

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And, here's this week's playlist:

  • “When Do I Get to Be Called A Man,” 1955, Big Bill Boonzy, https://youtu.be/nBKhqvam8Yg
  • “Strange Fruit,” Billie Holiday, 1939, https://youtu.be/Web007rzSOI
    • A painful song to listen to because it is about the lynching of black men in the South.
    • Time Magazine selected it as the “Song of the Century.”
  • “Why Am I Treated So Bad,” The Staple Singers, (1967), https://youtu.be/5QtDABK3m-U
    • Written by “Pops” Staples in response to the protests generated by the Little Rock Nine, the first black students to attend the segregated Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas.
  • “Blackbird,” Paul McCartney, 1968, https://youtu.be/9l5L34VqzlU 
    • Written by McCartney is response to Little Rock
  • “We Shall Overcome,” published in 1900, associated with Civil Rights Movement in 1959,
  • “A Change Is Gonna’ Come,” Sam Cooke, 1964, https://youtu.be/xZ3aDrn7P4M
  • “The Way It Is,” Bruce Hornsby and the Range, 1986, https://youtu.be/cOeKidp-iWo
  • “Changes,” 2pac Shakur, Released 1998 (after his death) https://youtu.be/Ay9BWM8lwOA
    • Takes Hornsby’s song and offers what Shakur considers a “black” version of it.
    • Although the song contains a n****, it was by the Vatican on a 2009 playlist because it represents a perspective that the Vatican thought people needed to hear.
  • "Mississippi, It's Time," by Steve Earle, 2015, https://youtu.be/Dt_mzTGUomg
  • “White Man’s World,” Jason Isbell, 2017, https://youtu.be/nu4dupoC7EE
  • “We Shall Be Free,” Garth Brooks, https://vimeo.com/205809116
      • Written, originally, following the L.A. Riots

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