This year, during the season of Lent, we are inviting all of the members of Herndon UMC to read through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John together.  If you’ve never done it before, reading a gospel from beginning to end helps you experience the grand arc of Jesus’ life and ministry. In addition, reading the Gospels sequentially helps you discover the different personalities of the gospel writers and better understand their perspective on Jesus’ life. What better way for us as a church family to prepare for Easter than to read together the complete story of Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection?

Daily reminders will be posted to our public Facebook group, Herndon UMC Community. Readers are invited to "like" the post to let us know that you completed your reading, and to comment on the scripture reading.

A Prayer is suggested before reading the scripture:

Gracious God, you gave us the scriptures so that they would give us insight and understanding and help us live in a fuller, healthier, and more faithful way.  Help me to hear the voice of your Spirit as I read this passage today.  May it fill me with hope and lead me in the path to life.  Amen.

After each scripture reading, you are invited to ask yourself the following questions.  If you feel comfortable, you are invited to share your reactions in the comments in the public Facebook group, Herndon UMC Community

1.  What word or phrase catches your attention in today's reading?

2.  Where does this passage touch your life today?

3.  From what you've read, what do you believe God wants you to do or be as a result of this passage?  Do you hear God inviting you to change in any way? 

The reading plan below walks you through each of the four Gospels, asking only that you read two or three chapters a day.  There are links to

The reading plan is graciously made available by the Central Presbyterian Church of Baltimore.

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