Too often we shy away from challenging topics in church. After all, isn’t church the place we go to walk away feeling great about life and ready to face the week? There are times, however, when we need to consider some of the harder, deeper conversations that are a part of our lives. This series revolving around human relationships, to include human sexuality, invites us to consider the role of relationships, love, and sex in larger life. What would it look like, no matter what stage of life we are in, what our status or preference is, or what our past, present, or future looks like, for our church to be a place where love, sex, and relationships weren’t treated as something taboo, but as a part of the whole of human existence? Over these four weeks, we will consider what God’s vision for these pieces is, isn’t, and can be, using Scripture as a guide. As we do this, we hope to grow in a healthy way to a more complete understanding of the role of love, relationships, and human sexuality in daily life.

Note from Pastor Jonathan:

I believe that this is an important time for us to be having this conversation as a church family, but I also recognize that some might not be ready to engage this topic right now. I want you to know that each weekend, our Sunday morning KIDS Club will be focused on a different, unrelated curriculum. If this series isn’t your cup of tea, it might be a great time to plug into children’s ministries at Herndon UMC. To volunteer for KIDS Club, you only need to have a passion for kids learning about God’s Love. I hope for the vast majority of our community that this will be a time where we can reflect openly and honestly, not driven by any sort of agenda other than discovering how God might be at work in places we expect and even in places we don’t. I encourage you to consider being a part of worship throughout February as we share in this important series.  Blessings.