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Herndon UMC Adult Studies and Small Groups

Real Talk

Real Talk

A short message from Scott each Wednesday on YouTube. God's love is real.  Each week, Scott Bach-Hansen will help us connect what is happening in our world, in our lives, and through our church to the love of God.  This is an opportunity...

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Serve and Share God's Love in Community

Look for opportunities to use your gifts and talents with the Herndon UMC community.

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Jonathan Page

Jonathan Page

Pastor, Herndon UMC

Looking for more?

Herndon UMC offers adults a variety of activities to encourage them to serve and share God’s love together.  There are Bible studies, book clubs, groups with similar interests, and support groups.  There is an active United Methodist Women’s organization with four circles and an active United Methodist Men’s group, and there are many ways to be in service to others as part of these groups and in other ways.  Please explore the posts above or if you prefer to talk to someone, contact a staff member and we will be glad to help you get connected.  

Zoom Meetings

Right now many of these groups are continuing to meet online.  You can find the links for their Zoom meetings on the Detailed Church Calendar.  To protect our meetings from SPAM, you may need to log in to a Zoom account, or using your Google or Facebook.  Zoom offers free accounts with limitations on the meetings that you can set up, but it does not affect what you can view.  If you need help getting started with Zoom, please check out bit.ly/helponzoom or contact a staff member. 

For fun, here are some Herndon UMC Zoom virtual backgrounds, so that you can put yourself in the church building for meetings.  To use a virtual background on Zoom, here’s a link to Zoom help.