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God and the Good Life — Holy Week and Easter

Mar 29, 2022 | Worship


In 2017, Dr. Meghan Sullivan, a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, began to take a keen interest in a television program called The Good Place. Over time, this interest developed into a shared course in philosophy and theatre about the TV show and how it intertwines with a perspective on life. Since then, the course has become more public and is known broadly by a new name: God and the Good Life. This Lent, we’ll be looking at some of the core principles of this course through the lens of the lectionary texts for Lent in 2022. What we’ll hope to discover is a God who, even in the greatest spaces of challenge this creation has to offer, has created people to live well.

Apr 10 | Palm Sunday Worship - "Reflect On Your Death"

Scripture: Luke 19:28-40

Reflecting on death does not sound like a part of encountering God in a good life. And yet how does this season of Lent begin? With a reflection on our mortality. The story of the palms is a beautiful reflection on the ways that the voices of praise can quickly turn to voices of pain or criticism. Much in the same way, our life is but a breath, and what is one day healthy and fruitful can turn quickly to something that is bound up in struggle. Our dying does not have to be a somber note; rather, how might a healthy interaction with dying improve our living?

Join in worship in person in Doe Fellowship Hall or via livestream on YouTube at 10 am or in person in the Sanctuary at 5 pm.

Apr 10 | Young Professionals Easter Egg Hunt

Young adults and young professionals gather together for an epic egg hunt and compete for ridiculous prizes.  RSVP at tinyurl.com/choccybunny or in the Herndon UMC app (More >> Find Forms) to receive an email reminder.

Please note, this event is NOT intended for children and youth younger than 18.

Apr 14 | Holy Thursday - The Way of the Cross

Walk through the events of Holy Week with Jesus in this special worship opportunity.  Each station of the cross has a scripture, interactive element and prayer.  This experiential opportunity will be open from 3-7 pm.

Apr 15 | Good Friday Worship at 7 pm

This Good Friday worship service, known as a Service of Lights, is the telling of the story of Jesus’ death in several parts. As each stanza of the story is told, lights are extinguished. This experiential time of worship involves music and prayer as well. You are invited to come and remember the fullness of the story that leads from the cross to the tomb.

Join in this special worship experience in person or via livestream on YouTube at 7 pm. Download the Good Friday Bulletin

Apr 16 | KIDS Easter Egg Hunt

KIDS, newborns to grade 6, are invited to come join in fun and games, snacks and crafts, and of course, EGGS!  Enjoy some Easter fun in this egg hunt especially for kids.

Families are invited to stay for the family friendly Easter Vigil service after the hunt.

Apr 16 | Easter Vigil at 6:30 pm

Join this family friendly service and share the story of God’s abundant love for all through creative storytelling, singing, and communion.

This service will be held outside in front of the Doe Fellowship Hall entrance (Door 2), weather permitting.

Apr 17 | Easter Worship - "The Life of Contemplation and Action"

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12

Surrounding the good news of Christ’s resurrection are witnesses who partake in two primary tasks: contemplation and action. So much of the life that Christ lives and dies and lives again for us to embrace is centered around these two concepts. We are called to be a people who contemplate the empty tomb, the mystery, and the love of God. And we are called to be a people of action, who work and live and love in such a way that God’s love could be made real in this life and around this creation. This Easter, we’ll celebrate God’s invitation to a good life, one made whole through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

There are three opportunities to join in worship:

  • 6:30 am Sunrise Worship Outside
  • 10 am Worship in the Sanctuary
  • 5 pm Evening Worship in the Sanctuary

Psalms My Lord Said: Devotional & Conversations

You are invited to deepen your relationship with Jesus this Lent. “Psalms My Lord Said” is a Lenten journey through the Psalms quoted in the Gospels. Through Easter, we will be sharing devotionals written by a variety of pastors and scholars. This is an opportunity for us to dig deeply into our faith and pay attention to Scripture – and to Jesus – as we move towards Holy Week and Easter.

Each week, small groups are encouraged to discuss the devotions, sharing what spoke to them from what was written.  All are invited to share in conversation about the devotions following the 10am worship services.  These conversations will be facilitated by Scott Bach-Hansen.

Mission Focus – Rise Against Hunger

On April 23, we will have the chance to make a big dent in hunger around the world. Herndon UMC, together with our partners at Herndon High School, will be offering a Rise Against Hunger event! We will be packing tens of thousands of meals in just a few hours that will go to feed hungry people around the world. This all-ages event is a great opportunity to lend a hand in service and discover just how incredible serving can be when it is done on a huge scale! Click the button to learn more.


The mission of Herndon UMC is to serve and share God’s Love in community.


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