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God and the Good Life — Lent

Feb 24, 2022 | Featured, Worship


In 2017, Dr. Meghan Sullivan, a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, began to take a keen interest in a television program called The Good Place. Over time, this interest developed into a shared course in philosophy and theatre about the TV show and how it intertwines with a perspective on life. Since then, the course has become more public and is known broadly by a new name: God and the Good Life. This Lent, we’ll be looking at some of the core principles of this course through the lens of the lectionary texts for Lent in 2022. What we’ll hope to discover is a God who, even in the greatest spaces of challenge this creation has to offer, has created people to live well.

Mar 2 | Worship (Ash Wednesday) - "It's Never Too Late"

Traditionally we burn the palms from the previous Palm Sunday to create ashes for Ash Wednesday. We wear these ashes to be reminded of our own mortality and to make a commitment to journey with Christ through the peaks and valleys of this Lenten season.  Having just concluded a series about our shared commitments, Scott Bach-Hansen’s message based on 2 Corinthians 5:13 – 6:2 reminds us that it is never too late to commit to live the teachings of Jesus.

The service will be held at 7pm in Doe Fellowship Hall. All are invited to join in-person or on YouTube.

Mar 6 | Worship - "Cultivate Character"

Scripture:  Luke 4:1-13

The story of Jesus resisting temptation is long told, but what does it mean for us? Not only is it a reminder that Jesus sees God’s creation as worthwhile, but also that you and I are not meant to fall prey to everything that is set before us in this life and world. How might we see this as an invitation to character development in our own lives and in the world around us?

Join in worship in person in Doe Fellowship Hall or via livestream on YouTube at 10 am or in person in the Sanctuary at 5 pm.

Mar 13 | Worship - "Question Everything and Trust Authority"

Scripture:  Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18

Being outside is a gift, especially as we grow out of winter into spring. The outdoors can be a reminder of so much — not only God’s covenant and promises, but of how God’s creation surrounds people at all times. As we reflect on the prophecy of Isaiah, we’ll be reminded of how even a simple tree can tell the story of God’s presence. We’ll consider what it means to be in nature and how we might look for God to show up in the ordinary of the outdoors.

Join in worship in person in Doe Fellowship Hall or via livestream on YouTube at 10 am or in person in the Sanctuary at 5 pm.

Mar 20 | Worship - "Embrace the Absurd"

Scripture:  Isaiah 55:1-9

The prophecy of Isaiah, in the context of an extreme “wilderness”, is absurd. Food and drink are available at no cost and a covenant is on the way with a God who has been at a distance. When we look at this prophecy through a modern lens, it doesn’t feel as absurd — we have a different perspective. How might Isaiah’s prophecy be an invitation to us to see that which feels uncomfortable or audacious not for what it is in the present, but for what it will be beyond what we might know or see? What does it mean to embrace the absurd in order to discover God and the good life?

Join in worship in person in Doe Fellowship Hall or via livestream on YouTube at 10 am or in person in the Sanctuary at 5 pm.

Mar 27 | Worship - "Make Friends and Escape Your Cave"

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

A good life cannot happen independent of other lives. The text from 2 Corinthians is a reminder of the importance of reconciliation. Increasingly, we are building ideological caves with narrow openings that don’t allow for a differentiation of ideas or thoughts. To experience the gift of reconciliation is to believe that my rightness is not an effective path to divine righteousness. The good life is one shared with others, even those who have a different perspective from ours.

Join in worship in person in Doe Fellowship Hall or via livestream on YouTube at 10 am or in person in the Sanctuary at 5 pm.

Apr 3 | Worship - "Alleviate Suffering"

Scripture: Psalm 126:1-6

This Psalm is a reflection of a God who has transformed spaces of mourning and grief into spaces of immense joy and gratitude. Frederick Buechner writes about the sense of calling or vocation as the intersection of your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger. In this way, the alleviation of suffering is the attentiveness to personal vocation. Sometimes that may be a very practical or physical suffering. Other times it may be an invitation to intercede in someone’s emotional or spiritual suffering. But in this space there is bound to be a transformation both of the other and of the self.

Join in worship in person in Doe Fellowship Hall or via livestream on YouTube at 10 am or in person in the Sanctuary at 5 pm.


There are more opportunities for devotions, discussions and worship during Holy Week.  Learn more about all of the Holy Week experiences through the button below.

Psalms My Lord Said: Devotional & Conversations

You are invited to deepen your relationship with Jesus this Lent. “Psalms My Lord Said” is a Lenten journey through the Psalms quoted in the Gospels. Through Easter, we will be sharing devotionals written by a variety of pastors and scholars. This is an opportunity for us to dig deeply into our faith and pay attention to Scripture – and to Jesus – as we move towards Holy Week and Easter.

Each week, small groups are encouraged to discuss the devotions, sharing what spoke to them from what was written.  All are invited to share in conversation about the devotions following the 10am worship services.  These conversations will be facilitated by Scott Bach-Hansen.

Mission Focus – Rise Against Hunger

On April 23, we will have the chance to make a big dent in hunger around the world. Herndon UMC, together with our partners at Herndon High School, will be offering a Rise Against Hunger event! We will be packing tens of thousands of meals in just an hour or two that will go to feed hungry people around the world. This all-ages event is a great opportunity to lend a hand in service and discover just how incredible serving can be when it is done on a huge scale! Click the button to find out how you can help!


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