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God's Love is Real.  God's Love is Active.  God's Love is for Everyone.

Herndon UMC's mission is to serve and share God's Love in community.

Be a Neighbor

These are unprecedented times but they offer us many opportunities to serve and share God's Love with our neighbors.  If you are looking for ways to offer assistance, there are opportunities here (to the right on desktop or below on mobile) and more listed below under Opportunities to Serve.  If you have another idea or need some help choosing, please contact a staff member.

Caring for Refugees

Caring for Refugees
Donate Food | Give Money | Serve

Community Partnerships

Get involved with a community partner today.  You can repair homes, feed the hungry, help someone in transition, tutor high school math and science, help mentor youth, and more.  Specific opportunities to serve are listed to the right (or below, if mobile).  Links here help you learn more about our partners.


Herndon High School

Our partnership with Herndon High School and the HHS pyramid offer many opportunities to serve our community:  backpack foods, tutoring math and sciences, mentoring students, judging science fairs, lending space for teams and activities, and much, much more.  

Link Against Hunger

Herndon UMC hosts a pantry for LINK, serves as a collection point for food donations and hosts the December toy distribution.  Help our local families in need by donating to or volunteering for LINK.

The Closet of Greater Herndon

The Closet of Greater Herndon is a wonderful place to shop. It supports the needs of community members, and it passes the profits back to the community. Learn more here about to support this organization.


Herndon UMC supports Cornerstones work with Hypothermia Prevention meals and with the Embry Rucker shelter. 

Rebuilding Together

Every year Hendon UMC has a team of people to help repair and maintain a local home of someone in need on National Rebuilding Day.  No special skills required.

Opportunities to Serve

Slide through the list of projects scheduled for the relatively near future.  If you would like more information or to sign up, please click “Learn More”.

Caring for Refugees

Caring for Refugees
Donate Food | Give Money | Serve

LINK, Inc.

Feed local families in need.
Donate food | Give money | Serve

The Closet of Greater Herndon

The Closet of Greater Herndon

Local Non-Profit Thrift Store
Donate | Shop | Serve

Rise Against Hunger

Donate | Volunteer
End Hunger by 2030

Hypothermia Dinners

Provide warm, healthy meals
Donate | Prepare food | Deliver meals