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Herndon UMC Resources for Group Leaders and Facilitators


First, Thank You!

If you have come to this page, you have agreed to become either a leader or a facilitator for a small group; so, thank you for sharing your gifts in influencing, executing and building relationships.

Below you will find resources to help you get answers to questions, schedule and get contact information for you group(s), keep up with standards and know the latest information on building and grounds use. 



Group Guideposts to Help You

Anyone can create or lead a small group at Herndon UMC, but to be considered a Herndon UMC group there are a few guidelines that must be met.  A key goal is to build Spirit-filled relationships with one another and deepening our relationships with God. 

  • Welcome each person individually.  Ideally, a small group will consist of 10-12 people (including you as leader/facilitator) and should meet weekly.
  • Prayer is essential.  All groups are invited into prayer for opening and closing all meetings, and all are encouraged to use the 701 Prayer either at the beginning or end of the meeting.
  • Groups may gather by telephone, teleconference (Zoom) or, when permitted, in person; or any combination of these options.  Herndon UMC groups will follow the Herndon UMC’s Healthy Church Team guidelines for any in-person gatherings (even if not held at Herndon UMC).  Current HCT approved guidelines for OUTDOOR OPEN PHASE are linked below.
  • Gatherings may center around a common interest (i.e. History) or activity (e.g. Yarn & Thread), around a common life-stage (i.e. Top of the Hill), around a study (i.e. Young Adults Thrive), or could just be an opportunity to come together and build new relationships.
  • Discussion, particularly for those groups with no set activity, should center on gratitude and “how is it with your soul?”  All groups are also invited into discussion of topics from worship as identified below.
  • Groups should respect everyone’s time.  Meetings should generally be limited to 60 minutes (in-person that is the maximum allowed). 
  • Members should also respect group confidentiality.  What happens in group, stays in group.

Outdoor Open Phase Specifics/Training

Outdoor Open Phase begins September 13. 

To schedule an in-person meeting, you will need to review the Small Group Leader — Outdoor Open Phase information linked below and acknowledge that you have read all the materials and agree to exemplify and to enforce all of the standards therein.  These requirements are specific to the current phase of Herndon UMC operations.

Training for Small Group Leaders (SGL) for this phase comes in three formats.  You are encouraged to review at least two of the three links below.

Key links that you will need:

Outdoor Gathering Site and Drive Thru Communion Diagrams

These plans show specific entry, exit, and parking (if for a gathering site) for each of the four sites and for the Drive Thru Communion service.  Please scroll through the images to see the different locations.  Please note that parking is every other spot.

We are here to support you.


This page is here to give you an easy reference page to come back to for the latest information.

Our Staff is always willing to help:

We also use the Breeze Church Management System and encourage you to use it also as it may help you contact people and record attendance.  Information on BreezeChMS–how to get an account, how to log in, and how to record attendance–is listed below.


Breeze Church Management System

The detailed church calendar and individual’s contact information are maintained in BreezeChMS.  Having an account puts the contact information for those regularly attending Herndon UMC at your fingertips.  Using the account to track attendance helps the staff better keep track of who is active and who may need pastoral contact.

Get an Account

Email julie@herndonumc.org or office@herndonumc.org, and Julie or Jen will help you get your account.  Account information (login and password) will be sent to you through email.

Log In to BreezeChMS

Once you have an account, you may download and use the BreezeChMS app or visit the webpage herndonumc.breezechms.com.

Set up a Tag for your small group

Go to BreezeChMS on the app or the website.

Go to Tags, select the appropriate folder (i.e. Adults, Students, Kids, or Music), and then select “Add Tag” from the upper right corner. 

Enter the name of your group.

Click on the name of your Tag and Add People to Tag.  You can just type the name of existing people and they will appear.  Click them to add them to your group.

If you need assistance with this, please contact Jen (office@herndonumc.org) or Julie (julie@herndonumc.org).

Email your small group

Go to BreezeChMS on the app or the website.

Go to Tags and select your tag from the appropriate list/folder.

At the right (or bottom if mobile) you will see an envelope.  Clicking this allows you to compose and send an email to your group. 

Verify participants completed forms

Every participant must complete a Participant Acknowledgement Form and Agreement for every in-person meeting.  For minors, these forms must be “signed” by a parent or guardian.

Go to BreezeChMS on the app or the website.

Go to Forms and select the Participant Acknowledgement Form and Agreement.

Look for recent entries by your group members and ensure that every in-person attendee has completed a form for your specific group meeting for the upcoming date.

Check people in to your event

Go to BreezeChMS on the app or the website.

Go to Events and select your event from the calendar.

Select Check In.

Enter the names of those attending (when you start typing a name, options come up to help speed selection).

Verify that you got everyone by ensuring that the count of those entered equals the number attending.