Let Your Light Shine!

Oct 8, 2022 | Groups, Studies

Let Your Light Shine!

Have you ever wondered about the way various personality types experience and connect to God and others?  This new group will meet once a month and explore a variety of personality assessment tools to discuss and understand how different personality types best connect.  If you are interested, contact the office@herndonumc.org or sign up using this form.

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The button below will take to you a list of the groups currently involved in Bible or book studies around topics of faith.  If you are looking to grow closer to Christ by studying his teachings with a group, check out these options.  New studies form regularly, so if there is a specific topic that interests you, please let Pastor Scott Bach-Hansen know, scott@herndonumc.org .

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The vision of Herndon UMC is to live the teachings of Jesus so that everyone may know God’s Love and grow in Spirit-filled relationships.

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