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Thank You, Sheri & Bob

Feb 1, 2021 | Student Ministries

January 31, 2021 was the last official day of work for our Director of Student Ministries, Sheri Fairchild.   The video linked below is based on a Youth Ministries tradition, “Roast and Toast” for graduating seniors.  The youth and youth leaders put this together for Bob and Sheri for their last youth group on January 31.

Bob and Sheri are moving to North Carolina.  They are excited that Bob will be able to work remotely and that they will be able to build our forever home closer to some family.  One blessing of this pandemic has been the ability to dream new dreams and pray about new adventures.  Of course, they are also sad to leave Herndon has been their home for 23 years, and their ministry here at Herndon UMC has been an incredible blessing to our community and had a lasting impact on thousands of lives.

We wish Sheri and Bob all the best. 

(If you are wondering what happens now?  Sheri set the youth leaders up for success for the rest of the school year.  Our amazing youth leaders are stepping in to fill the gap while Herndon UMC’s Staff Parish committee has already been looking for a new Director of Student Ministries.  Stay tuned for more information.)

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