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UMW Book Club — June

May 21, 2020 | Adult Ministries, United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women (UMW) encourages all members and friends to recommit to the United Methodist Church’s Charter for Racial Justice and resist racism in our hearts, our homes, our communities, and our country.

Herndon UMW’s Book Club this month is reading “America’s Original Sin,” which discusses racism and white privilege and how we as Christians are called to respond. This topic is important and timely.

The book discussion will be held sometime mid-June. The UMW Book Club reads and discusses books from the UMW Reading Program. Discussions are held about once a month on a weekday evening. Times and days may vary.

Please consider joining us in reading and discussing this book. Contact Jen Thompson at umwbookclub@herndonumc.org for more information.

The mission of Herndon UMC is to serve and share God’s Love in community.

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