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The Way of the Cross

Holy Week 2020

Cleansing the Temple

This symbol pictured is called Ichthys (“ick-thoose”).  
According to one ancient story, this was a symbol used as a means of identifying other persecuted Christians during the Roman Empire’s rule. It is said that a Christian would draw one of the arcs on the ground, and a fellow Christian would draw the other to form the fish shape.

Take your coins and as you arrange the coins into Ichthys, “count your blessings”, one for each coin. The scripture is calling us to pray without ceasing. By starting with gratitude, it further opens us to God’s work within and around us.

(You are invited to share a picture of your Ichthys on social media #herndonumc #wayofthecross.)

Herndon UMC

God’s Love is Real.  God’s Love is Active.  God’s Love is for Everyone.