Herndon UMC

The Way of the Cross

Holy Week 2020

Jesus’ Death

Think about the curtain tearing as Jesus dies. The curtain represented a barrier between us and God. What are some barriers that we build against one another?

You are going to make a cross out of a piece of paper by tearing away the corners. You will need a sheet of paper, pen or pencil, and if available a red or purple colored pencil, crayon, pen, or marker. Here are the steps:

1. Tear away the corners of the paper to make a cross. For straighter edges, manipulate the paper so you’re always ripping downward.

2. When you have the shape of a cross, write or draw images of barriers we build against each other. If you are with family, take turns describing your barriers to one another.

3. Using your colored or other writing tool, draw a heart over the barriers your wrote or drew and fill it in to cover the words or images.  (Click on the arrows to see the example colored.)

You are encouraged to share a picture of your cross on social media.  #herndonumc #wayofthecross

Herndon UMC

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