Herndon UMC

The Way of the Cross

Holy Week 2020


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When There Are No Words

by Patrick Tugwell | performed by Patrick Tugwell & John Shaffer


We cannot see. We cannot breathe. We don’t understand,
How was this the plan? There are no words, For this sorrow.
All we know is, Lord, we need Your voice

Help us hear You, help us feel You
Beyond the pain, beyond the sorrow
Allow us to move, beyond this storm
To find comfort in, Your ever-loving, arms
Oh, Your ever-loving arms

We’re without a compass, lost at sea
Swept by the ocean, Beneath our feet
Yet, we still believe You’re, The Everlasting Well (Oh, God we do)
Flood our souls, with Your grace, And peace


I’m tired of crying, my throat is hoarse
My eyes are exhausted from this, Lord
God of great love, Don’t let us drown in, these waters,
Be our light in this storm. (repeat)

Be our light in this storm, Oh


Herndon UMC

God’s Love is Real.  God’s Love is Active.  God’s Love is for Everyone.