Herndon UMC

The Way of the Cross

Holy Week 2020

Guard at the Tomb

No matter what they did to guard the tomb, Jesus would rise.  His life and his love are eternal. 

For this activity, you will need a sheet of paper, scissors, a pen or marker and tape.  The video to the right (or below) can help you visualize the activity, if you need help.  Here are the steps:

1. Cut a long strip from the sheet of paper.

2. Using the marker or pen, draw a vertical line down the middle of the length of the strip. This line should be as long as the strip.  Flip the strip, and continue your line down the middle of the other side.

3. Tear a piece of tape as wide as the paper strip, and place it on the narrow end at the very top of the strip. Bring the two ends of the strip close together.

Before connecting the two ends with the tape, twist one end over. Line up the ends of the line you drew, and secure with the tape.

You’ve just made a Mobius Strip.  Trace the line with your finger and notice that it has no beginning and no end, just like Jesus’ love.

Video demonstration of the activity.

Herndon UMC

God’s Love is Real.  God’s Love is Active.  God’s Love is for Everyone.