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The Way of the Cross

Holy Thursday 2021

This is an interpretation of the Stations of the Cross.  It may be an individual or family experience.  You will use scripture, a variety of activities, and prayer to walk through some of the events of Jesus’ life during Holy Week.  This year’s variation is a drive-thru worship experience that begins with Holy Communion.  We hope that you will join Good Friday and Easter Sunday worship services.  (Information about our Holy Week worship experiences may be found here on the Herndon UMC website.)

It is our hope that this prayer experience engages all of your senses and brings you closer to Christ this season.


1.  Drive to Herndon UMC (701 Bennett Street, Herndon, VA 20170).

Enter the parking lot through the second entrance on Bennett Street, across from Herndon High School.  Directions are available through the link to the address above or at the bottom of the page.

2.  Read the Communion Liturgy as you drive to the Communion Station.

This is God’s Table.  All are welcome.  At the Communion Station, you will be given a blessing by the Pastor, a bag with individual serving communion elements, and an egg carton.  The egg carton will contain the resources that you need for the stations that follow.

If you prefer to use a paper version of the devotional, please ask for one at the Communion Station.  There will be copies there for anyone who prefers paper to their device.  A few stations involve music, and will still require a device to access the music.

3.  Drive to the next station, download the Devotional, and partake in Communion.

Follow the instructions in the Devotional and use the resources in the egg carton as you drive through the stations.  The devotional is embedded below and you can just click the image to advance the slides (and click the music icon to play the music).  This version will work on your phone, tablet, or laptop, but you may need to set up a wifi hotspot for your tablet or computer.  (Hotspot instructions: Apple and Android.)

There is also a pdf version.  With the paper or pdf version, you will need to click the links to music below or use the QR codes included in the egg carton to access the music with your phone or other web connected device. QR codes may be used by pointing your phone’s camera at the image and clicking the link that appears on the screen. (There is also more QR code help for Apple and Android.)


There are four songs linked in the Devotional.  All of them are linked here as well.

Station: Jesus in Prayer

Station: Jesus and the Jerusalem Leadership

Station: Jesus is Crucified

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