Bees, Eagles, Dragons, Hawks, and Hornets — Walkers, Runners, and Bikers — Herndon UMC invites you to join in a virtual race

This race is about community.  We are Herndon.  Our schools emphasize being a part of the community to the students; they encourage being good citizens.  They teach that all kids are capable of success, no exceptions.  By participating you help area kids succeed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this race and helped raise money to help students in our community.


Running 5K (in minutes:seconds)

Michael Bevels 21:35
Patrick Tugwell 22:08
Jeff Albanus 26:35
Sara Bevels 27:33
Pat Evinger 28:00


Walking 5K (in minutes:seconds)

Lappan Lorraine 34:55
Patty Tugwell 44.28
Michael Branson 48:00