Bees, Eagles, Dragons, Hawks, and Hornets — Walkers, Runners, and Bikers — Herndon UMC invites you to join in a virtual race

Help send area students back to school ready to learn.

Area schools will start back this Fall with a number of challenges.  Over the last several months, our community food pantries have seen a growing demand for food support.  Students have a hard time learning when they are hungry or don’t have the supplies that they need.

Herndon UMC will ensure that funds raised through this virtual race will go to support existing nonprofit programs, like Food for Neighbors, already feeding those in need in our area, they will also help provide supplies needed as identified by the Herndon pyramid schools.  Herndon UMC has been in partnership with Herndon High School since 2001.


The race has been about community.  We are Herndon.  Our schools emphasize being a part of the community to the students; they encourage being good citizens.  They teach that all kids are capable of success, no exceptions.  Thank you for your part in helping area kids succeed, and while this virtual race is over (for this year) and we have given it a great push here at the start, the needs will continue.

174 racers plus donors and race sponsors raised $8120!!

Check out the reported times below to see how you compared.  There are special mentions for people who went farther than 5 or 20 K.


Biking 20K (in minutes:seconds)

Mike Youmans 45:20
Cara Meilus 46:00
Al Meilus 46:00
Blanca Barrera 70:00
John Harrington 70:00
William Arey 75:00
Michael Fullerton 90:00

Special mentions go to:

Peggy Lanier for biking 33 miles and Susan Anselene for biking 24 miles.


Running 5K (in minutes:seconds)

Sean Devolites 22:10
Michael Bevels 22:16
Sara Bevels 24:59
Stacey Beggan 27:55
Steven Frostad 28:33
Roland Lamoureux 28:39
Elizabeth Noto 31:40
Dave Nemetz 31:45
Elena Miller 33:02
Elizabeth Marlow 33:20
Aaron Wise 34:00
Shannon Wise 34:00
Charity Meals 34:11
Jayne Cosson 35:16
Berkleigh Beggan 35:58
Phil Cronin 36:00
Sonya Frostad 41:17
Peter Nelson 41:46
Michael Gillespie 45:12
Randi Fortier 50:00


Walking 5K (in minutes:seconds)

Roberta Whipple 34:25
Liz Hamrick 34:33
Alisa Shreve 42:11
Liz Smith 45:00
Lappan Lorraine 45:34
Jonathan Page 47:12
Jim Hamrick 48:37
Levenia Kibler 50:00
Sandra Newman 54:00
Van Loney 54:15
Meredith Corsino 55:00
Melissa Billman 62:34
Chris Miller 64:00
Jeff Albanus 65:00
Julie Albanus 65:00
Karen Joseph 68:00
Justine Baker 68:00
Kurt Lane 70:00
Mickey Alford-Lane 70:00
Frank Crotty 111:00
Anne Crotty 111:00
Dessa Boynton 720:00

Special mentions go to:

Kathleen Blystone and Karen Temple for walking 4.3 miles in 71 minutes; Audrey and Michael Branson for walking 6.3 km in 70 minutes; and Cathy Lanni who race-walked 40.1 miles over 7 days!

Please thank our partners and sponsors!