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January 2 – Hope over Fear (Week 1): Fear of the Unknown

Dec 27, 2021 | Worship

You are invited into this worship experience for the week of Sunday,
January 2.

89 years ago, in his inaugural address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered the line that he may be most remembered for: “The only thing we have to fear…is fear itself.” Nearly nine decades later, our fears are all around us. Many in the United States struggle with a sense of generalized anxiety, a medical condition that should be addressed medically. But beyond the clinical fears, there are many other spaces in our lives where we are driven by inaction largely because of our desire to avoid the hard things. In this series, we’ll consider the many places in Scripture where fear is addressed. Especially, we’ll be thinking about how the love of God drives us from fear to hope.

It is in Luke 4 that we first encounter Jesus teaching in the temple. As he quotes Isaiah, there is a belief that this could be the Messiah. But there isn’t certainty. This temple will be a place of Jesus revealing the fullness of who he is, but in doing so there will be plenty of people who are upset, discouraged, or feeling as if there is something less than true about what Jesus brings to the table. In our lives, we sometimes aren’t sure what is ahead. We can take some guesses and see some signs, but we have to be honest about the spaces where we may not know what is ahead. What does it look like to “trust an unknown future to a known God”?

We may not know the future, but we are called to be a people who believe in a God who will be with us through all that is to come.

No matter where you worship from, you are encouraged to add your voice to prayers and songs and stand as you are able.  There is a Bulletin to help you experience worship.  It includes links and information to help you be connected at Herndon UMC along with the order of worship.

This week we are having a single worship service Sunday @ 10am in Herndon UMC’s Fellowship Hall. This service is livestreamed on YouTube and herndonumc.org.

Nursery care is available for infants and young children during the Sunday worship services.  If you have questions about the Nursery, contact mallory@herndonumc.org.

As always, we want to stay connected and are a community of prayer.  Glory sightings and prayer concerns may be shared by text, in the chat, through this online form, or at any time by email to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

If you are new or looking to get more connected or learn more about Herndon UMC, please email welcome@herndonumc.org or complete this online form.  You are welcome here and we would love to grow in a Spirit-filled relationship with you. 

10 am Sunday | Worship in Doe Fellowship Hall
& Livestream on YouTube

In acknowledgement of the high transmission rate of COVID 19, this week we celebrate worship in Doe Fellowship Hall. It will have elements of both traditional and modern worship with music and a great message from Scott Bach-Hansen, Director of Congregational Care.  Welcome our newest staff members, Scott and Melissa Chavez.

Everyone is asked to maintain social distancing.  Please wear your mask inside the building regardless of vaccination status.

A bulletin for this service is in the Herndon UMC App. Get the app (iOS and Android).  The bulletin may also be downloaded above, when available.

Prayers may be texted to 571-306-0540 or emailed to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

Caring for Refugees

Caring for Refugees
Donate Food | Give Money | Serve

Herndon UMC continues to serve and share God’s love in community.  This winter, we continue food delivery for Afghan refugees and offer dinners for the Hypothermia Shelter.  There is also an opportunity to serve and support local families through Upward Basketball.

Your donations make all that possible.  Donations may be given online via Pushpay.com/g/herndonumc, through PayPal.me/herndonumc, through the Herndon UMC app, or maybe mailed to Herndon UMC at 701 Bennett Street, Herndon, VA 20170.  If you would like pre-addressed envelopes, please contact julie@herndonumc.org.

KIDS CLUB is happening at 10am.

Kids will leave from worship for the KIDS CLUB activities.


The mission of Herndon UMC is to serve and share God’s Love in community.


The vision of Herndon UMC is to live the teachings of Jesus so that everyone may know God’s Love and grow in Spirit-filled relationships.

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