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February 28 Worship – Everyday Glory (Week 2): “Nature & the Outdoors”

Feb 26, 2021 | Worship

This week’s worship experience premieres on Sunday, February 28 at 10 am.  Join Pastor Flor as she looks at how being outside is a gift, especially as we grow out of winter into spring. The outdoors can be a reminder of so much — not only God’s covenant and promises, but of how God’s creation surrounds people at all times. As we reflect on the prophecy of Isaiah, we’ll be reminded of how even a simple tree can tell the story of God’s presence. We’ll consider what it means to be in nature and how we might look for God to show up in the ordinary of the outdoors. The scripture for this week is Isaiah 55:1-13.  This service is available here on the website, through the Herndon UMC YouTube channel, and on Herndon UMC’s Facebook page.

As you prepare, in addition to a candle, gather together something that reminds you of nature, and place it in your worship space.  You are encouraged to add your voice to prayers and songs and stand as you are able.  There is a bulletin to help you experience worship.  It includes the week’s announcements, links, ongoing prayer concerns, and the order of worship.   If you received a Lent kit, get your “small stick” of balsam incense ready for worship too.  If you did not receive a kit, but would like one, please email admin@herndonumc.org.  We would be happy to share one with you!

The chat on YouTube opens at 9:30 am.  Say hello to the greeters as you prepare for worship.  No matter what platform you prefer.  Please let us know you are worshiping with us, who is there worshiping with you, and where you are.  This can be done in the chat and comments, or by email to office@herndonumc.org.  Anyone new or looking to get more connected or learn more about Herndon UMC is invited to email welcome@herndonumc.org or complete this online form.  We would love to hear from you!

As always, we want to stay connected and are a community of prayer.  Glory sightings and prayer concerns may be shared in the chat, through this online form, or by email to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

Your donations support Herndon UMC’s mission to serve and share God’s love in community.  Donations may be given by texting “herndonumc” to 77977,  online via Pushpay.com/g/herndonumc, through PayPal.me/herndonumc, through the Herndon UMC app, or maybe mailed to Herndon UMC at 701 Bennett Street, Herndon, VA 20170.  If you need pre-addressed envelopes, please contact julie@herndonumc.org.

HUMC KIDS offers a Bible InFusion video (available starting at 08:30 am on February 27) for kids age 3 through grade 6 and Zoom meetings with creative activities.  Learn more about KIDS FUSION here on herndonumc.org.  You can always view past videos posted on our YouTube channel HUMC KIDS playlist.

Want more worship music?  Each week, there is a playlist on YouTube of additional worship music following this week’s theme.  Playlists may not be posted forever, but you can always find the songs with links listed through the following links. There are usually five modern and five traditional songs on the playlist.

The mission of Herndon UMC is to serve and share God’s Love in community.


The vision of Herndon UMC is to live the teachings of Jesus so that everyone may know God’s Love and grow in Spirit-filled relationships.

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