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June 26 | Summer in the Sandbox (Week 3): Doing Good

Jun 22, 2022 | Worship

You are invited into this worship experience for the week of Sunday, June 26.

The Bible is a gift that is many things to many people. To some it is something of a textbook, to others it is something of a collection of lessons or instructions. But what if we saw Scripture as a playground? A space for exploration and discovery? This Summer, we’ll be looking at some of the most fascinating stories in Scripture to understand more of their background, characterization, and impact on our lives. In doing this, we’ll be treating the text like a sandbox, a place where we might play, explore, and discover more about who we are meant to be.

From Luke 10:25-37

Often when we read the story of the Good Samaritan, we do so keeping in mind the ways we desire to be the ones who come and help and assist those in need. But what if this story was about seeing our own woundedness and need to receive a blessing from those we are in community with? What if we believed this to be a space to inquire upon the relationships we pass by blindly with little regard for the woundedness of others, even those others who we are closest to in this life? Perhaps we could discover that doing good is not about the development of a savior complex; rather, it is about an abiding presence with our own souls and paying deep attention to those we are blessed to encounter in this life.

We are not the heroes of our own stories, but we are participants in the stories we share.

No matter where you worship from, you are encouraged to add your voice to prayers and songs and stand as you are able.  There is a Bulletin to help you experience worship.  It includes links and information to help you be connected at Herndon UMC along with the order of worship.

There are two opportunities to worship Sunday mornings: an 8am outdoor worship or at 10am in the sanctuary. The 10am worship is livestreamed on YouTube and herndonumc.org. Communion will be served each Sunday at the 8am service.

Sundays at 5pm we are offering “Sandbox Space.” Each week we’ll experiment with the text from that week in different ways but, most importantly, in community together.

Nursery care is available for infants and young children during the 10am Sunday worship service and the 5pm Sandbox Space.  If you have questions about the Nursery, contact mallory@herndonumc.org.

As always, we want to stay connected and are a community of prayer.  Glory sightings and prayer concerns may be shared by text, in the chat, through this online form, or at any time by email to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

If you are new or looking to get more connected or learn more about Herndon UMC, please email welcome@herndonumc.org or complete this online form.  You are welcome here and we would love to grow in a Spirit-filled relationship with you. 

8 am Sunday | Worship Outdoors

This gathering is a casual, brief, outdoor worship in the front parkin g lot area near the Doe Fellowship Hall entry (Door 2).
Communion is served weekly.

Bring your own chair

A bulletin for this service is in the Herndon UMC App. Get the app (iOS and Android).  The bulletin may also be downloaded above, when available.

Prayers may be texted to 571-306-0540 or emailed to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

10 am Sunday | Worship in the Sanctuary
& Livestream on YouTube

The 10am morning worship has elements of both traditional and modern worship with music and a message this week 
from JoAnn Batteiger, Director of Student Ministries.

Everyone is encouraged to maintain social distancing.  Masks are optional for those who have been vaccinated from COVID-19.

A bulletin for this service is in the Herndon UMC App. Get the app (iOS and Android).  The bulletin may also be downloaded above, when available.

Prayers may be texted to 571-306-0540 or emailed to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

5:00 pm Sunday | Sandbox Space

Each week at 5pm we will gather in community in the sanctuary and will experiment with the scriptual text from that week in different ways.

Prayers may be texted to 571-306-0540 or emailed to prayerchain@herndonumc.org.

Caring for Refugees

Caring for Refugees
Donate Food | Give Money | Serve

Herndon UMC continues to serve and share God’s love in community.  This winter, we continue food delivery for Afghan refugees and offer dinners for the Hypothermia Shelter.  There is also an opportunity to serve and support local families through Upward Basketball.

Your donations make all that possible.  Donations may be given online via Pushpay.com/g/herndonumc, through PayPal.me/herndonumc, through the Herndon UMC app, or maybe mailed to Herndon UMC at 701 Bennett Street, Herndon, VA 20170.  If you would like pre-addressed envelopes, please contact julie@herndonumc.org.

KIDS CLUB in Person @ 10am

KIDS Age 3 – Grade 6 start Sunday mornings in Worship with their families. Kids are invited to join our adult leaders for their own hands-on Bible learning time after the Children’s Message, when they will be invited to go for Kids Club.

The mission of Herndon UMC is to serve and share God’s Love in community.


The vision of Herndon UMC is to live the teachings of Jesus so that everyone may know God’s Love and grow in Spirit-filled relationships.

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