Behind the Sermon — Podcast

Mar 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

A behind-the-scenes look into worship production. 

This podcast from Pastor Jonathan Page and Scott Bach-Hansen is currently on hiatus, but you can find past episodes in the Herndon UMC app, on SoundCloud, and  Spotify. 

The intent was to provide insights and background about Sunday’s scripture and message. Learn more about the topic.  Find out what ideas or scripture passages did not make it into the sermon.  Learn more about how sermons and sermon series are planned.

Herndon UMC continues to experiment with new ways to share the gospel in new ways.  You are invited to be creative with us!  If you would like to offer an idea or get involved, please contact Julie Albanus, Director of Communications,

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The vision of Herndon UMC is to live the teachings of Jesus so that everyone may know God’s Love and grow in Spirit-filled relationships.

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