Hypothermia Dinners

Mar 14, 2023 | Uncategorized

The last dinner of the season is March 26.

During the winter months of December through March, unsheltered homeless adults living around our community have a place to seek shelter from the cold weather. Cornerstones partners with Fairfax County to operate the North County Hypothermia Prevention Program (NCHP), one of three hypothermia prevention sites in Fairfax County.  The center works to prevent weather-induced illness and loss of life among unsheltered homeless adult men and women in our community. Unsheltered homeless people are those who, whether by choice or by lack of shelter space, live outdoors, in cars, or in other places unsuitable for human habitation.

HerndonUMC supports the North County Hypothermia Prevention Program, by preparing and delivering dinners from December through March each year.

Herndon UMC is dedicated to providing well balanced, healthy, warm meals for those in need.  Your help is needed in a variety of ways–from supplying the ingredients, cooking the meals, and then delivering the meals at the shelter.  For those who have participated in the past, because of the pandemic, we are continuing to allow the NCHP staff to serve our food, and food will not always be prepared at church.  You will be able to see items and volunteers needed for dinners on our church-wide, central listing of needs, bit.ly/HerndonUMCNeeds.  You may sign up online, in the Herndon UMC app, or on one of the clipboards hanging on the Connection Corners at Herndon UMC.  Please note that if you sign up online (and are not logged in to the system), you will be sent a confirmation email that must be clicked to verify your signup.

And if you would like to be included in communications as new needs are posted, please contact Beth Czerwinski or Becky Field-Ross at neighbors@herndonumc.org to be added to the email group for this ministry to our neighbors.


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